Diplôme Dry Gin

At a stage when the Gin has gain great prominence, we present you an excellent choice :

The Diplôme Dry... it uses the most traditional methods for the production of a Dry Gin.

It is made from a rigorous selection of the best natural plants such as juniper.

After macerating in pure alcohol, the flavors are slowly distilled into a small "Pot Still", which gives the Dry Gin Diplôme a unique rich flavor and complexity, of great freshness and still manages to be exceptionally smooth.

The recipe of Diplôme Dry Gin, dates from 1945 during the second world war, and is one of the oldests in France. During the British occupation of allies in the region of Dijon, and in order to arrange a way of still having their favorite drink, the soldiers, taking advantage of the botanical richness of the region, began producing a gin in a small distillery.

After the war, this recipe lay forgotten, until nowadays, when the current " master distiller " of Gin Diplôme has recovered and used it without changing anything from very old times.

Diplôme Dry Gin is bottled with 44 % by volume, to achieve better harmony among its aromas and its luxuriance.

On the nose, the Diplôme Dry Gin, has a wonderful bouquet of cherry, clove and delicate expression of juniper seeds and coriander .

Each sip reveals a complex and fragrant flavor with layers of grapefruit, slightly spicy, nutty oils and a delicious infusion with some hints of lavender.

It presents a velvety structure, rich on exotic spices, dark chocolate, which frees the way for an excellent long finish .

The Gin Diplôme, is undoubtedly a jewel for any connoisseur of Gin !
Available at El Corte Ingles and Garrafeira Nacional.

The preparation of Gin Tonic is perfect when adding a grapefruit peel, boosting the fresh flavor of this wonderful Gin.


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