Company´s asset.

C. da Silva´s Company was established in 1862 under the name Corrêa Ribeiro & Filhos and has carried the seal bearer of long time supplier to the Portuguese Royal House.

In 1933, newly arrived from Brazil, Clemente da Silva (C. da Silva´s founder) inherited the Company by marrying with Corrêa Ribeiro´s daughter.

Clemente da Silva has fulfilled a lifetime dream by creating a winemaking business of excelence.
Because he had some capital coming from business ventures in the former Portuguese colony, he opted for starting the Company from scratch and he did it according to his own expectations.

Here is an outstanding living evidence of that time !

A bottle of "Corrêa Ribeiro & Filhos" with the Royal message at the front label, a rareness of long time ago...

Gonçalo Devesas

DALVA Late Bottled Vintage 2007

Late Bottle Vintage was originally a wine that had been destined for bottling as Vintage Port, but because of a lack of demand, was kept in large wooden cask for longer than had been planned.

Late Bottled Vintage ages in cask for a minimum of four and a maximum of six years after the harvest.
Because of this long ageing in wood, the LBV´s are less astringent and full bodied than Vintage ports.

Considered by many the best relationship quality/price, the LBV has the advantage of being ready to drink without decanting.
Typically ready to drink when released to the market, LBV ports are the result of a single year's harvest and tend to be smoother and lighter bodied than a Vintage Port.

Late Bottled Vintage 2007

Presently the LBV 2007 that we´re selling has been aged for 5 years in oak vats, showing a smoother taste and a garnet color.
Our latest Late Bottled Vintage, harvested in 2007.

On the nose: blackfruits and licorice...

On the palate: Pulpy, blackberry´s jam, some herbal and spicy hints at the end... great relationship quality/price.

Gonçalo Devesas