Overall, the 1990´s were beneficial to the Port Wine sector, confirming a growth of 18% between 1990 and 1999 of the total amount of Port Wine sold.

This positive evolution attainsits maximum expression in 2000, wich so far has been the best year ever in terms of quantity sold (957000 hl) and the first year in wich the volume of the trade for the sector exceeded the 400.000.000 €.

The years that followed in the mew millennium, were affected by several factors having a negative effect on the sales of Port Wine, most especially:

The major disturbances in international trade that followed the September 11th 2001 terrorist attacks on the USA;

The weak evolution of the world economy, notably in the Euro zone, where some countries on recession, as was the case of Portugal;

The appreciation of the Euro against currencies of several important Port Wine markets, especially The USA and UK;

The concentration of worldwide distribution, with the consequent reduction of the Port Wine companies ability to negotiate.

All this contributed to a negative compound average annual growth in the quantity of Port Wine sold between 2000 and 2004.

For this current year (2012) there is a increasing of more 11500 barrels (550 liters) than the last year.

There is also a general hope in all the Port Wine trade that the sales will rise next year.

Port... a Wine with 374 years

In 1756 the Prime Minister “Marques de Pombal” restricted the Douro Valley region with 335 milestones, distributed along 250.000 hec.

1765, the first register of a Vintage sold at Christie´s.

An IVDP inspector checking C. da Silva Port wines at Vila Nova de Gaia
In 1703 it is signed the Methuen Treaty between Portugal and England. Portugal would pay 1/3 of the exportation duties in the other hand all the textiles should be purchased from England.

1768 - The first fortified Wine shipped in barrels to England.

1775 - The first time when bottled Port has been shipped.

1868 - The philoxera has destroyed almost all the vineyards in Portugal.

In 1932 the Casa do Douro, an Association of vintners, they had the mission of registering all the planted plots in the Douro.

In order to preserve the quality of the Port wine, quality control has became the responsibility of the Institute of Port Wine (IVDP) since 1934.

In 1942 the seal of approval has been created as part of each bottle.

In 1948, a very important person, an Agronomist, mr. Moreira da Fonseca, used the info collected during decades as well as the data of the quantity and quality of the different sub regions.
In 1986, the smaller producers were able not only to grow grapes and produce Port, but also bottle and sell their own Port Wines.

IVDP´s lab was completely renovated in 1990 and in 1994 was certified by the Portuguese Institute of Quality. On average, annualy, 5000 samples are taken and about 130 000 analysis made. Analysis made ​​to acidity, ph, reducing sugars, density, color characteristics, sulfur dioxide...

In 2001, the Demarcated Douro Region was classified as Worldwide Heritage by UNESCO.

PORTO Wine Fest

The precious national nectar will be represented in a magnificent Fest in Vila Nova de Gaia, on the avenue of the Port Wine Cellars, overlooking the Douro river, seen by the first row.

For the first time in the riverside of Vila Nova de Gaia, a unique event will be held, focusing on countless tastings associated with gourmet creations of leading cooking Chefs.
Port Wine Fest features a diverse program with the theme Port Wine, with 40 cooking presentations, including demonstrations, classes and duels:
- Commented Tastings
- Cooking Chefs
- Duels of Chefs
- Unexpected Chefs
- Cooking Show
- Cook Academy Show (Adult)
- Cook Academy Show (Children)
Take part in a unique and unmissable, a scenario absolutely stunning.