The Vintage and the bottle

Despite the time spent in large stainless steel or oak vats (10.000 ltrs to 70.000 ltrs) the Vintage needs to be laid down in the bottle and rest for some years.

So that the character of that particular Wine/year may mature properly in the bottle.
This part of the ageing process is made without oxygen, so that the molecules and the decomposicion of the grape solids may acquire a refined and complex bouquet.

When a Wine is bottled, it contains small amounts of anhydrous carbonic and oxygen, the air that stays between the cork and the wine (the room space seen in the bottle neck) is absorbed by the wine, avoiding like this the apperance of bacterias.

During this maturation in the bottle it is extremely important to maintain the bottle laid down, so that the cork could be moistered and hermetic.

The bottles should be stored with no changes of temperature, the humidity should be up to 70% .

Gonçalo Devesas



Vinified with grapes
 from old vines, selected from traditional winegrowers of C. da Silva, it is the result of a careful vinification.

The DALVA DOURO GRANDE RESERVA TINTO 2009 matured in 600 liter barrels of French oak for twenty-four months.

This GRANDE RESERVA TINTO 2009 matures in our cellars, now aging in bottle before its great appearance.

On taste it is very balanced, toasted, vanilla notes, flowing into a fruity finish, intense, fresh and long.


Gonçalo Devesas
 ageing in bottle will last for one year, being able to increase the complexity and make the tasting even more elegant.