Logistics and storage center

Gran Cruz group, which sells annually, 25 million bottles of Port, Madeira and Douro wine in more than 50 countries, is now investing 14 million euros in the Douro Valley . Six million were invested in a new vinification center in Alijó, although not yet formally opened, was already operating in the latest harvest. Still under construction another project, a logistics center storage, also in Alijó, which will be ready in June 2014 and representing an investment of eight million euros.

The new winery has a capacity of vinification of about nine thousand pipes, from which six thousand of port wine . This corresponds to only 20 % of the annual needs of the group . The group doesn´t own any vineyards - the Martiniquaise group, owner of Grand Cruz , has sold many years ago the only estate owned the Douro - the average business purchases of Gran Cruz are between 30,000 to 32,000 barrels.
Jorge Dias, Managing Director of Gran Cruz group
We produce in our own wineries and leased about 50 % of it - purchasing grapes from 3,600 winemakers - and the remaining 50 % is acquired on wine cellars and other producers in the region," explained Jorge Dias, the Managing director of Gran Cruz.
The group consists of seven companies - the Grand Cruz, the biggest export company of port wine worldwide with 10 million bottles annually, the Companhia União of Port Wine and Madeira, C. da Silva and Gran Cruz Turismo at Vila Nova de Gaia; Vale S. Martinho, in the Douro valley, Justinos and Henriques & Henriques, Madeira wine - and has a consolidated annual turnover of 70 million euros. The Madeira wine corresponds to 28 million bottles sold annually."


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